Iceland Car Rental Adventure: A Road Trip to Landmannalaugar

Lagoon car rental landmannalaugar
Landmannalaugar, the geothermal area in Iceland’s highland.

Greetings, fellow adventurers! Today, I’m excited to share with you my incredible road trip to Landmannalaugar in Iceland. This remote gem, sits in the Icelandic Highlands, is a land of surreal landscapes and steaming hot springs.

If you’re ready for an adventure of a lifetime, buckle up, as I take you through my experience driving to this otherworldly destination in a rental car from Lagoon Car Rental.

Getting the Right Vehicle:

First things first, to tackle the rugged F-roads leading to Landmannalaugar. For that, you need a suitable vehicle. This means, getting a 4×4 rental, which is essential for navigating the uneven terrain and river crossings along the way. Remember, safety and preparation are key in the Icelandic wilderness.

The Journey Begins:

My road trip to Landamannalaugar started from Reykjavik and the anticipation kept building up as I drove along the Ring Road. Soaking in the stunning view of Iceland’s diverse landscapes. The first stop was at Hella, a small town ideal for a quick coffee break and a final check on supplies.

The Adventure Intensifies:

Turning onto the F225, the adventure truly began. This highland road, with its raw and rugged beauty, is not for the faint-hearted. Steep gravel paths, sharp turns, and river crossings make it an exhilarating drive. The landscape transformed dramatically as I ventured further, with beautiful mountains painting a canvas of colors against the sky.

Lagoon car rental dacia duster landmannalaugar
Dacia Duster is a great for a road trip to Landmannalaugar.

Arriving at Landmannalaugar:

So, after a few hours of driving, the amazing beauty of Landmannalaugar unfolded before me. It felt like stepping onto another planet. The first thing I did was hike up the Brennisteinsalda, a mountain offering panoramic views of the entire area. The kaleidoscope of colors left me speechless.

The Bliss of Hot Springs:

Post-hike, I indulged in the most rewarding experience, soaking in the natural geothermal hot springs. The warm, soothing waters amidst the cool air was a heavenly contrast and a perfect way to relax my muscles after the day’s adventures.

Camping Under the Stars:

As night fell, I set up camp in the designated area. Camping in Landmannalaugar, under the midnight sun was a magical experience. I could only imagine being there with the Northern Lights dancing above.

Lagoon car rental landmannalaugar hot springs
The hot springs of Landmannalaugar is like an oasis in Iceland’s Highland.


Driving to Landmannalaugar was more than just a road trip in Iceland. It was a journey through some of the most extraordinary landscapes Iceland has to offer. It’s a testament to the rugged beauty of the Icelandic Highlands, and a reminder of the raw power and beauty of nature. For those seeking adventure and natural wonders, this trip is a must.

Tips for Fellow Travelers:

Always check the road conditions and weather forecasts before each road trip.

Rent a reliable 4×4 vehicle.

Bring sufficient food, water, and camping supplies.

Respect the environment and stay on designated roads and trails.

Be prepared for sudden weather changes.

Happy travels, and may your road trip to Landmannalaugar be as unforgettable as mine!

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