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Dacia Duster - Recommended car rental in Iceland

The Dacia Duster will be of interest to anyone looking for a 4×4 rental car in Iceland, because of its incredible fuel economy. The mileage of the 1.5-liter diesel engine is a hefty 100 kilometers for every 4.7 liters, which translates into a little over 50 miles per gallon and is quite remarkable for a 4×4 in this class. The 6-speed manual transmission is smooth enough, and with a comfortably narrow body the car is easily maneuverable on city streets.

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Fantastic Car Rental in Iceland

I would highly recommend this company. They sent me a nice email after booking my Dacia Duster, asking me my flight number so they could pick me up at the airport. I couldn't find it (I'm not a huge traveler, I wasn't sure where to find it). So instead I told them my airline and my ETA and they got back to me right away telling me they found the flight number for me and not to worry. They picked me up at the airport, we filled out the paperwork at their office that's only maybe 5 minutes away, and I was on my way in less than an hour after wheels touched down. Returning the vehicle was painless as well. We went out and looked at it together to check the condition of the vehicle, it looked good, and they had me on the way back to the airport in plenty of time. Everyone was very friendly and professional, and if I were to ever travel Iceland again, this is the only car rental company I would use.

Ty Day
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Lagoon Car Rental is a family owned car rental in Iceland. Our mission is to help people experience all the best Iceland has to offer by providing customers with quality rental cars and personal service during their time in Iceland. All the cars we have to offer are less than two years old and are well equipped for the travel in Iceland.

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