KIA Sorento

Rent a Kia Sorento in Iceland!

Having narrowed your Iceland car rental search down to Lagoon Car Rental, the choices at our outlets may lead you to wonder if driving agility and on-road presence are mutually exclusive attributes in an SUV, more so where the Kia Sorento midsize SUV is concerned. Featuring a spacious cabin, substantial luggage room in the back and an easily manageable size, the Sorento presents a great combination of versatility and maneuverability. If you’re looking for these traits for your car rental, you should rent a Kia Sorento in Iceland.

Once inside the Kia Sorento, you can’t help but pick up the distinct vibe of luxury. The interiors are richly textured and soft to the touch. The dashboard is appealing and user-friendly in its organized simplicity, while the touchscreen has an excellent interface with clear labeling and big virtual buttons. There is some very generous legroom for passengers in the second row. Cargo capacity is great as well. With the rear seats up in place you have 813 liters at your disposal, which is ample, but should you need more boot space all you have to do is fold down those rear seats and you have a whopping 1.996 liters, no less.

Once you are driving the Kia Sorento, the joy continues. It features outstanding suspension that keeps an SUV this big in a composed, steady ride. The steering is nimble and responsive, the engines are strong and well behaved and the ride quality is well controlled. With a lively 6-speed automatic transmission, the Kia Sorento exudes the general refinement you might rather expect in its pricy German SUV counterparts. While the Kia Sorento may not be a hardcore off-roader, it does feature 7.3 inches of ground clearance and a diff-lock mode that splits the power 50/50. That means snowy conditions and “soft-roading” are a walk in the park for this well-equipped and spacious SUV. The all-wheel-drive system monitors the steering wheel angle and stability of the car in real time to instantly fine-tune engine delivery and send wheel torque where it is needed most, preventing slippage.

Kia Sorento is a 7 seated vehicle with the option to fold the two seats in the back all the way down which change the car to the same size as the 5 seated option of Sorento. Keep in mind that with all 7 seats in use there is very limited room for luggage. In those cases we recommend our customers to add roof box to the booking. The roof boxes are 400 liters.

Suitable for F-Roads

Rent a 7 seated car in Iceland which is suitable for F-roads, but you should still remember that off-road driving is illegal in Iceland and can result in prosecution and fines that will dent your travel budget severely. Our employees will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding 4×4 rentals in Iceland

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  • Automatic
  • 7 Passengers
  • 5 doors
  • Diesel

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