Bruarfoss waterfall in Iceland – the Blue Mystery

How to drive to Bruarfoss waterfall (Brúarfoss waterfall)

Home to scenic landscapes and monumental feats of nature, Iceland is an explorers dream. It is no wonder that an increasing number of people are now flocking to the country to experience this beautiful country first hand. However, to explore the heavenly places in the country, I highly recommend a rental car in Iceland from Lagoon Car Rental. Our car rental in Iceland was a 4×4 Isuzu Highland Camper, which handled fantastically well our journey to Bruarfoss waterfall and the rough terrain.

Highlandcamper used to get to Bruarfoss
Our rental camper in Iceland

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My name is Asad, and I’m a 22-year-old photographer from Scotland with love for travel and photography. I specialize in landscapes and love traveling the world trying to gain new perspectives of the world around me. Having visited Iceland in 2014, when the opportunity arose to visit again I jumped at the chance. Here I am along with my family, ready to take you on my travel journey through this spectacular country, with our first stop Brúarfoss waterfall. In the following days I will also be visiting:

As one of the lesser known waterfalls, this hidden gem has no signs leading to it and is almost unknown to tourists and locals alike. I came across Bruarfoss waterfall through social media and instantly knew we had to find this place. With some of the clearest icy blue waters, I’ve ever seen I thought to myself this person had used some very smart filters, or this is a natural wonder, I had to find out. If you consider yourself to be a real explorer and enjoy finding places off the beaten track, I suggest you keep reading on.

 After many hours of wrong turns and general confusion, we came across some cabins which were not far from the mysterious Brúarfoss waterfall itself. We also noticed alongside the cabins, some noticeable footprints leading to a trail into what seemed like nowhere but being true explorers we decided to delve into the unknown. After around 15 minutes of wading through a sea of branches we could hear the faint sounds of people and flowing waters and after turning a corner, lo and behold there it was the beautiful Bruarfoss waterfall, or should I say Blue-arfoss, due to its intense striking blue color.

How to get to Bruarfoss waterfall in Iceland
Magnificent Bruarfoss Waterfall

Just like the pictures this waterfall did not disappoint. What makes the waterfall so unique is that several small streams collate, almost like a whirlpool, into one deep blue icy gap and although it might not be as big as the mighty Gullfoss, it indeed is breathtaking. It intrigued us so much that we ended up staying here for longer than we had planned to capture images that genuinely did Brúarfoss waterfall justice. Brúarfoss waterfall most certainly was a mystery and kept us waiting a while, but you know what they say “good things come to those who wait.”

How to drive to Bruarfoss Waterfall

  • Follow the road 355 from Reykjavik towards Geysir.
  • As you are driving, you will come across a small entrance to a residential complex on your left, called Brekkuskogur.
  • Continue along this road right to the end where you will find a small car park.
  • The area is on the left side of the complex. (Looking out for some steps over fences is a good sign, as they all lead to the path).
  • Once you’re on the path, continue along it until you’re face to face with the majestic Bruarfoss waterfall.

A travel story on how to drive to Bruarfoss Waterfall by Asad Iqbal