Witness Iceland´s newest volcano eruption in Meradalir

Congratulation visitors of Iceland we have a new amazing volcano eruption going on in Meradalir. It is something you can, and should, witness with your own eyes.

What is so great about the volcano in Meradalir?

To start with it is a volcanic eruption. How often does that happen? The answer is, not very often and there are even fewer you can walk right up to.

In our opinion nothing beats witnessing nature in such a powerful and magical way. It is absolutely incredible!

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The volcano and lava field in Meradalir.

Is the new volcano dangerous?

Although this new volcano is perfectly located do keep in mind that volcano eruptions are dangerous in many ways. There is of course glowing hot lava shooting into the air and running down from the crater.

With that being said, if we had to pick a place for an eruption this would be it. It is far enough from residential areas to causes no danger to people, houses or roads. It is also not that remote, so it is easily accessible to visit.

The volcano eruption in Meradalir is also not creating an ash cloud. Meaning it causes no risk to air traffic. Therefore, travelers do not have to worry about their flight to Iceland being cancelled due to the eruption.

The perfect tourist volcano in Iceland

It just so happens that the new volcano is right next to the last eruption in Fagradalsfjall. Thousands of people made their way to see that eruption in 2021. Paths and parking areas were made to make it easier reaching the site.

Those interested going to the new volcano can use the same parking areas and trails which was made for the volcano in Fagradalsfjall.

So, you have a parking lot and marked paths leading up to it. When exploring a volcano, it doesn’t get any more convenient than that!

Fagradals volcano – The new site is just right next to the volcano which erupted in 2021.

Getting to the eruption site

Although visitors can use parking areas and trail to see the volcanic eruption, it is still a bit of a hike getting there. However, if you like hiking and being outdoor it is one of the most amazing hikes you will ever take.

There are a few routes you can take to the volcano. The shortest route is about 7 km long, so be prepared for a 14 km walk. It usually takes about 4 to 5 hours.

On the way to the eruption site, you will walk in the Icelandic wilderness, passing some incredible scenery such as fresh lava fields and other beautiful natural features along the way to the volcano.

You do not need to be an experienced hiker to make it to the eruption but in order to ensure that you will not run into any unnecessary problems it is best to prepare yourself.

Hiking to the volcano

We recommend wearing hiking boots. The paths go through a rough terrain and there is a step hill you need to overcome before arriving to the volcano. Also remember this is Iceland so you can expect any kind of weather. Keeping dry and warm should be your first priority. The second on is having enough energy. It is a long way so bring food and drink in case you need it and go at your own paste. There is no need to rush. The eruption isn’t going anywhere so just enjoy trip and take in scenery leading up to the eruption.

As the weather in Iceland can be rather unpredictable it is best to go explore on our own time. Meradalir volcano is no exception. That´s why the best way to see the volcano eruption is to have a rental car and plan your own trip.

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The volcano is only a short drive from Reykjavik.

Rent a car to see the volcano in Iceland

Meradalir is only a short drive from both Keflavik International airport and Reykjavik. About half an hour from both the capital city and the airport. The road leading to the base of the paths is accessible on any car.     

Are you ready for your biggest adventure? Select your rental car, pack your hiking gear and go see Iceland´s newest and only ongoing volcanic eruption!

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Here you can see a live video of the volcano from RUV