The Yule Lads – A Unique Iceland’s Christmas Traditions

iceland yule lads lagoon car rental.
Spoon Licker is one of the Icelandic Yule Lad.

Embrace the festive spirit as we explore Iceland´s unique Christmas tradition of the Yule Lads. Steering through snow-dusted landscapes and age old traditions of Icelandic culture. Iceland’s Christmas is unlike any other, with its own set of merry mythological figures known as the Yule Lads. 

So, join us on this exciting journey through the land of fire and ice, where driving in Iceland during the holiday season becomes a magical experience intertwined with folklore and festivity.

Embarking on the Journey:

Our adventure begins with the comfort and freedom provided by Lagoon Car Rental, your trusted Iceland car rental partner. A cozy vehicle awaits, ready to whisk you away on a Christmas quest to uncover the secrets of the Yule Lads. As we drive through the frosted countryside, each twist and turn brings us closer to the mystical world of Iceland Christmas traditions.

A Tale of Thirteen Trolls:

The story of the Yule Lads is a captivating chapter in the book of Icelandic culture. These 13 mischievous trolls descend one by one from their mountain home, starting on December 12th. Their mother, Grýla, and father, Leppalúði, add a touch of thrill to the folklore. But it’s the Lads who capture our imagination. With names like Spoon-Licker and Door-Slammer, their antics reflect the playful nature of Iceland’s Christmas.

icy mountain road iceland lagoon car rental
Take a ride to the mountains, home of the Yule Lads.

Discovering the Yule Lads on the Road:

Winter driving in Iceland, offers a unique opportunity to witness the very same landscapes that the Yule Lads call home. Each region boasts its own tales and sightings, promising a delightful scavenger hunt for those renting a car and daring to follow in their mischievous footsteps. With Lagoon Car Rental, you can explore these stories at your own pace and craft an unforgettable holiday itinerary.

Icelandic Christmas Traditions Up Close:

As you journey through quaint villages and serene valleys, the spirit of Iceland’s Christmas traditions comes alive. The Yule Lads are just the beginning; you’ll encounter twinkling lights, festive markets, and the warmth of Icelandic hospitality that brightens the long winter nights. Driving allows you the luxury to experience these traditions first hand, from savouring local holiday delicacies to singing age-old Christmas songs that resonate with the joy of the season.

The Comfort of Lagoon Car Rental:

Navigating the winter roads of Iceland is a breeze with Lagoon Car Rental. Our fleet is equipped with vehicles tailored to tackle the icy conditions, ensuring your safety and comfort. With our extensive knowledge of local customs and the best festive spots, we don’t just offer a car rental – we provide a gateway to experiencing the true essence of an Iceland Christmas.

As always, remember to stay safe on the road. Check road and weather conditions before starting your trip each day.


The Icelandic Yule Lads await your arrival, ready to sprinkle a bit of mischief and wonder into your festive journey. As you drive through this ethereal landscape, remember that each mile traveled with Lagoon Car Rental is more than a trip. But rather a passage through the heart of Icelandic culture and a celebration of the enchanting traditions that make an Iceland Christmas truly unique. So, buckle up and let the holiday magic guide your way!

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