The Ultimate Guide for Winter Outfits in Iceland

Women in winter clothes in Iceland.
The right winter outfits is key to a great winter trip in Iceland.

Having the right outfit when traveling can make or brake your vacation. This is especially true for a winter trip to Iceland.

Visiting Iceland in winter requires planning and preparation. The most important aspect of that plan is to make sure to have the best winter outfits for a nice and enjoyable winter trip.

Dressing up for a winter trip in Iceland can be tricky but with our guidance you will have all measures needed for a comfortable winter trip in Iceland.

How To Keep Warm

Let´s start with the most basic needs, being warm. There is nothing more important when it comes to a winter trip than being both warm and dry.

Now, there are many way to keep warm and dry but we are here to go over the best winter outfits for Iceland. So, what are the best clothes to keep dry and warm in Iceland during winter?

We recommend having a few different types of warm clothing packed and ready. Winter in Iceland can be verry cold but the weather is rather unpredictable and changes fast. Average temperature is around 0°C (32°F).

The three types of warm clothes we recommend for a winter trip in Iceland are.

  • Light warming, like fleece jacket or a thick sweater.
  • Medium warming, like wool sweater or puffer jacket.
  • Heavy warming, like winter coats and insulation jackets.
Wearing layers are good for exploring Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach in winter.

Have Layers of Clothes

Due to the unusual weather conditions, it is best to wear layers of clothes. That way it is easy to remove outfits when it gets to hot and add on when it gets cold.

This will also come in hand when traveling around Iceland as most travelers are jumping in and out off their rental car as they go from one place to another.

The inner layer should be light, which can be used both inside and outside. If the plan is to mainly stay outside, we recommend having thermal underwater. They are an important first layer of clothes for winter activities in Iceland.

Winter in Iceland is also wet. Therefore, we recommend, not only to bring clothes which will keep you warm but also dry.

The outer layer of your winter outfit should be waterproofed, or at least water resistant. If you get wet things will quickly become very uncomfortable. Keeping dry is just as important as keeping warm.

In addition, don´t forget to bring hats and gloves. The wind is frezzing cold in Iceland and it is very important to protect these areas when keeping warm.

Another important part of a winter outfit in Iceland are sunglasses. There is much sun reflexion from the snow, which can cause problems and even snow blindness.

Winter outfits take space. Make sure to have enough room for it in your rental car.

A Lot Of Luggage

Before investing heavily in winter clothes for your winter trip in Iceland, you might also want to consider that bringing all these clothes with you to Iceland will require space. Make sure to carefully plan how you pack your suitcase and that you have enough luggage space for it when traveling to Iceland.

As traveling to Iceland in winter requires a lot of luggage it is important to have a rental car in Iceland that will have enough space for both passengers and all that luggage.

A 4×4 such as the Dacia Duster, Kia Sportage are great for winter driving in Iceland and should have enough room for at least 4 adults, plus luggage.

For those in need for more space we recommend some of our large SUV´s such as the Nissan X-trail or Land Rover Discovery 5.

Safety in Visibility  

It might also be a good idea to wear winter outfits in bright colors. The Icelandic winter is dark, due to limited daylight. Wearing bright colors increases visibility and therefore safety. An important safety featrue while exploring Iceland in the cold dark winter.

Road safety is also highly important for all travelers driving in Iceland. Before heading out make sure to always see road conditions and weather conditions.

Bright colors are visible even infront of the amazing glazier and lagoon.

The Amazing Auroras in Iceland

Speaking of exploring Iceland in winter after dark. It is the perfect time to see the amazing Northern Lights in Iceland.

The Northern Lights, also called the Aurora Borealis, are only visible after dark and during winter. It just so happens that Iceland is the best place in the world to see the Auroras.

The only thing you need is a clear sky and a rental car to transport you to the best spot to see the Northern Lights. The further you get out of town and to a dark area with no light pollution the better the view.

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There are so many great places to choose from. Imagine seeing the Northern Lights dance through the night sky in all colors at a Black sand Beach on the south coast of Iceland, or surrounded by glaciers, at a volcano or a lava field.

There is no shortage of natural wonders in Iceland and at winter you can combined them together to make the most amazing and memorable trip of your life.

The Aurora Borealis over Goðafoss waterfall.

The Perfect Winter Rental Car

Know that we have established how to dress for a winter trip in Iceland is time to go a little bit over how to make the most of that trip.

The best way to travel in Iceland is by a rental car. That is even more important in winter than any other season.

For driving in Iceland in winter, we recommend an SUV. A 4×4/AWD system will make the driving more comfortable and safer when there is snow and ice on the roads.

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