The Best Breakfast in Reykjavik: Your Local guide

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Irrespective of the place you are in, a hale and hearty breakfast sets the tone for the entire day. So, your trip around our beautiful port town of Reykjavik will not be complete without sufficing your gastric juices with a delicious Icelandic breakfast. Plus of course, it can be fantastic to explore Reykjavik early in the mornings – when the city is still asleep!

Here below, I have set up for you my absolute best local guide – mixed and matched the best and most diverse local breakfast cafés and restaurants available in Reykjavik, Iceland. Each of these restaurants are places that I personally visit myself as a local in downtown Reykjavik & I hope you will be able to visit & enjoy for yourself 🙂

However, the restaurants are spread across the length and breadth of the city, so some might be in walking distance from your accommodation but others might be reachable in a few minutes drive on your Lagoon rental car.

Are you ready for the Best Breakfast in Reykjavik?

Picture of Reykjavik
The Best Breakfast in Reykjavik: Beautiful Reykjavik

BRAUÐ & CO: Pastries Pastries & Pastries

Alright, alright. We will begin with the best of the best. Or at least by far the most know and popular breakfast spot in Reykjavik for locals & travellers alike. Brauð & co. is the best bakery in town today and you should definitely visit at some point during your stay in Iceland 🙂

Right across the street, almost sitting face to face with Reykjavik Roasters stands this breakfast galore. If you ask me, its rainbow coloured shade is undoubtedly eye catching. Although, a new name in the hood, Brauð & co. (Bread & Co in English), has created quite an impression amongst gourmets, with amazing sourdough bread and their A-mazing cinnabon buns (and a lot more of course!).

In fact, their incredible popularity results in them being full on – baking something delicious non-stop all day – allowing you to have fresh out the oven delicious pastries whenever you visit.

However, take my opinion; I prefer visiting only with a smaller group as this place is tiny! Although initially the place did not have any sitting arrangements, on my last visit, I did notice a small table placed by the window.

So, make yourself comfortable!

Street Address: Frakkastígur 16, 101 Reykjavík

Opening Hours: From 7am-6pm

Best breakfast in Reykjavik option 1
The Best Breakfast in Reykjavik: Brauð & co.

KAFFIVAGNINN: Dwelling in Antiquity

A truck to a cosy coffeehouse – yes, the story of an old caravan standing idle by the old harbour since 1935. Trust me! If you are Icelandic, then you must have walked into this space holding the hands of your parents or grandparents.

Delicious seafood, authentic Icelandic pastires, Danish “smorrebrod” and the best view of the old harbour in Reykjavik.

Upholding a blend of history and artistic magnificence, this place is sure to time-scape you to your childhood days. Personally speaking, I come back here time and again not only to soak in the antiquity, but also to lie on that porch and enjoying the morning gales.

What’s more? Order anything ranging from sandwiches to pastries and from soups to cakes. Not in a mood for vegans? Try out their exclusive seafood culinary.

Guess what?

The menu won’t even burn a hole in your pocket.

Street Address: Grandagarði 10

Opening Hours: Weekdays 07:30-18:00 and Weekends 9:30-18:00

The Best Breakfast in Reykjavik option 2
The Best Breakfast in Reykjavik: Kaffivagninn

REYKJAVIK ROASTERS: Best Coffee in Town? (for hipsters!)

Located in a building from 1928, is the cafeteria of Reykjavik Roasters established in 2008. What makes them special? Once here, you will find coffee of the purest form that is selected, roasted and produced within the house.

Most locals agree that Reykjavik Roasters offers the best or one of the best cups of joe in the city. However, the food menu is very simple so you shouldn’t go there expecting a full meal. Just great coffee, light snacks and a trendy “hipstery” enviroment.

In fact, I often prepare my shopping list before coming over for a breakfast to this place owing to its location just above the prime shopping street of Laugavegur. To top the cake with a cherry, you will be able to witness the entire roasting process right in front of your eyes!

But, before we leave Reykjavik Roasters, one piece of advice,

Since you are planning to shop round the place, I recommend parking your rental car as close as possible to store your bags! Although Reykjavik is easy to walk, it’s much more comfortable to store some of your bags in the car as you continue to shop or hop into a restaurant or a bar for a refreshement!

Street Address: Kárastígur 1, 101 Reykjavik

Opening Hours: From 8am-6pm on weekdays. 9am-5pm on weekends.


CAFÉ VINYL: For the Veggies

Hey veggies around the town! Searching for a good breakfast venue? Then Café Vinyl will suffice your gastric cravings aptly. What precisely sets this restaurant apart from the rest is its combination of delicious vegan dishes along with funky western numbers.

Choose to drool to this alluring music and set all worries aside. However, if you are looking to work, then seek nowhere else – I often come here for personal projects and Vinyl offers top speed Wi-Fi connection and comfortable “focus” music.

  1. Their vegan sandwhiches are simply OUT OF THIS WORLD.

In fact, the place has something to offer past in the evenings as well. Be enthralled to witness a budding number of individuals – artists, hipsters, students, gather under one roof.

Let time fly by over some coffee & conversation!

Street Address: Hverfisgata 76.

Opening hours: 9AM-11PM


BERGSON MATHÚS: Breakfast with A Great Location

Sandwiched between the Reykjavik Pond and the Icelandic Parliament, Bergson Mathús is another fantastic breakfast stop when in Reykjavik. By the way, talking of sandwiches, do not leave the shores without trying out their ‘brunch’.

Comprising eggs, bread slices, bacon and yogurt, this serving will provide you with ample fuel for the rest of the day. It’s like your traditional English Breakfast but only 10x more healthy, Icelandic or … real?

Street Address:  Templarasund 3

Opening Hours: 7am-9pm

Best breakfast in Reykjavik option 3
The Best Breakfast in Reykjavik: Bergsson

KAFFITÁR: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

If you ask me, where I begin most of my mornings before a busy day, the answer will surely be Kaffitár. On normal days, I suffice myself with a serving of toast and coffee. However, if in a mood, then pastries, sandwiches, and croissants are available here to go perfectly with the morning coffee.

Located in at the bottom of Reykjavik’s #1 shopping Street, close to everything!

In fact, if you are on a trip to Reykjavik, begin your day by driving down to Kaffitár for a breakfast session and then take a tour of the Reykjavik Pond where beautiful views and lovely seasonal birds await your humble presence.

Street Address: Bankastræti 8

Opening Hours: 7:30-21:00

Best breakfast in Reykjavik option 5
The Best Breakfast in Reykjavik: Kaffitár

SANDHOLT BAKERY: Your fancy Bakery in town

Another perfect place to fulfil your shopping and gastric hunger simultaneously! Located at the heart of Laugavegur (the main shopping street), Sandholt Bakery can be deemed as a precise combination of sweets and spices.

In fact, owing to its fancy attire and posh outlook, often people think twice before visiting this place, but relax, it will not stretch your pocket out of your limits.

In addition to the sandwiches and pastries, this place is especially known for its multifarious offerings of sweets and chocolates. By the way,  Sandholt Bakery just opened up a new restaurant in the same building.

However, as I mentioned above, if you are looking to shop around the place, then having a Lagoon rental car by your side can be of great help.

Shop-pack – back to residence – repeat!

Street Address: Laugavegur 36

Opening Hours: From 7am-9pm

Best Breakfast in Reykjavik option 5
The Best Breakfast in Reykjavik: Sandholt

JÚLÍA JÚLÍA –  Trendy, Photogenic & Delicious!

One may say – what’s in a name? Well, for Júlía Júlía, the name is very simple. They are two best friends, they just love to bake and both of their names are Júlía!

What I find really off-beat about the place is their exclusive location in one of the most beautiful buildings of Iceland (originally the National Library, today museum). And of course, their super authentic and unique take on beautiful pastries and delicious treats.

Sip on a hot morning brew and devour on one of their best cakes or cuisines of the day – as the selection changes almost every single day!

However, if you are looking to visit a little later, then do not hesitate try out their daily cuisines + a glass of bubbly!

So, already started planning your breakfast trips? Why not? With such cafeterias at your disposal, why not start the day with something good for the stomach?

Street Address: Hverfisgata 15

Opening Hours: 10am-5pm

Best breakfast in Reykjavik option 6
Júlía Júlía

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Last words

I do hope from the bottom of my heart that this list of my most favorite breakfast spots in Reykjavik was helpful! Furthermore, I hope that you will have a wonderful time in our beautiful city & enjoy your stay.

We hope to see you soon!

Egill & your friends at the Lagoon Car rental team.