Toyota Yaris

Rent a Toyota Yaris in Iceland!

The Toyota Yaris is a clever choice for anyone looking for a roomy hatchback, among the options on offer at an Iceland car rental. The Yaris has good space for five adults and an excellently proportioned boot space, with some extra space beneath the boot floor. For larger items of luggage, the rear seats fold almost flat. This conveniently sized car comes with five doors, which makes entering and exiting the vehicle easy as a breeze. We do provide Toyota Yaris and Kia Rio in this selection.

The Toyota Yaris is great at shutting out wind and road noise, which makes it a relaxing car to have on a long drive. It glides over potholes and bumps with greater ease and quiet than most cars in its class,  enabling you to maintain your speed on battered highways and autoroutes. Additionally, with its wide range of seat and steering wheel adjustments, the Toyota Yaris makes sure drivers of all sizes can find a position that suits them, and the seats themselves are supportive. This makes long journeys easy in the Yaris.

The light steering comes in handy when the time comes to park the Yaris, not to mention maneuvering the car in parking lots, through the narrow streets of Reykjavik and in other urban situations. The parking sensors will also help the driver while reversing or navigating through narrow spots. Also, the pedals are comfortably well weighted, which adds to the smooth and easy drive. Finally, the manual gearbox offers an exceptionally slick shift action.

On the economy front, the Toyota Yaris provides great mileage relative to other options in its class, when driving in Iceland. Expect around 100 kilometers per 5 liters, which equals 55 mpg. Additionally, the Toyota Yaris features six airbags as standard safety equipment, an electronic stability control system and a tire pressure monitoring system.

If these are the features you’re looking for in your car rental, you should rent a Toyota Yaris in Iceland.

Not suitable for F-Roads

This vehicle is not allowed on F-roads. Our staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding 4×4 rental in Iceland, for exploring the central highlands of the country.

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  • Automatic
  • 5 Passengers
  • 5 doors
  • Petrol

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