Buying Alcohol in Iceland

There are strict rules about buying alcohol in Iceland and the sale of alcohol is heavily taxed so prices are high. Supermarkets are not allowed to sell alcohol of any kind but most restaurants are allowed to sell alcohol. The only stores that are allowed to sell alcohol are government owned alcohol stores called Vínbúðin. People under the age of 20 are not allowed to buy alcohol of any kind in Iceland.

Buying alcohol in Iceland
Liquor store

The opening hours in Reykjavik area are as follows.

  • Monday 11-18
  • Tuesday 11-18
  • Wednesday 11-18
  • Thursday 11-18
  • Friday 11-19
  • Saturday 11-18
  • Sunday CLOSED


The most accessible store for people staying in Reykjavik city center is the store on Austurstræti 10a. There are alcohol stores in most major towns in the country but their opening hours are not as long as in Reykjavik and alcohol stores in small towns are often closed on Saturdays as well. For location and opening hours of all the alcohol stores in Iceland click here.


Buying Alcohol in Iceland: Price of alcohol sold in stores in Iceland

  • Stella Artois beer 6x33cl (6×11.15oz) 14€
  • Heineken beer 6x50cl (6×16.9oz) 15€
  • Absolut vodka 1 liter (33.8oz) 49€
  • Frescobaldi Romelo red wine 750ml (25.36oz) 16€


People can also buy alcohol duty-free at Keflavik airport when they arrive in Iceland. Every person can buy a certain amount of alcohol duty-free. The rules about how much alcohol is clearly stated in the duty-free store at the airport.


Buying Alcohol in Iceland: Price of alcohol sold duty-free at Keflavik airport

  • Stella Artois beer 6x33cl (6×11.15oz) 9€
  • Heineken beer 6x50cl (6×16.9oz) 10€
  • Absolut vodka 1 liter (33.8oz) 18€
  • Frescobaldi Romelo red wine 750ml (25.36oz) 11€

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